Acceleration 0-100 km/h: approx. 2.3 sec
Power Output 4x 35 kW
Weight approx. 193 kg
Monocoque One-piece CFRP sandwich monocoque
Aerodynamics Front & rear wing in hybrid shell construction
Diffusors Side & rear diffusers made of CFRP sandwich
Motor Four permanent synchronous motors with self-developed cooling structure
Top Performance Top performance per motor: 35 kW
Gear 1.5 stepped planetary gear
Battery Container CFPR / Aramid
Cells Samsung round cells
Control Unit ETAS Control unit
Driving Dynamics Contol Systems Torque vectoring, recuperation, traction control
Telemetry Live-Telemetry via Wifi
Wheelbase 1530 mm
Track Width 1230 mm
Tires Hoosier 16.0×7.5-10 R25B
Rims Aluminum with self-developed rim center
Spring Damper System Pushrod actuated hub-roll decoupled system with KW-dampers and H&R-springs