Acceleration 0-100km/h: 2,3s
Power Output 4x32kW
Weight 185kg
Monocoque One-piece
Aerodynamics Front & rear wing made of CFRP
Motor 4 wheel hub motors
Top performance each engine: 32 kW
Gearbox 1 ½ stage planetary gear
Battery container Сentral battery container with 7.46 kWh
Cells Li-ion round cell configuration 138s6p
Maximum voltage 578V
Control unit MicroAutoBox II
Driving dynamics control systems Torque vectoring, recuperation, traction control
Telemetry Life Telemetry via WLAN
Wheelbase 1540mm
Track width Front 1150mm
Track width Rear 1128mm
Tires 10″ Hoosier Slicks
Rims 10″ Aluminium/CFRP Hybrid
A-Arm Double A-Arm
Dampers Pushrod actuated damper