What is...

Formula Student?

Formula SAE is a student construction competition; SAE is the abbreviation for «Society of Automotive Engineering» – the former name of SAE International, the first organizer of the competition. The event is better known in Europe as Formula Student (FS). The idea behind this is to use motorsport as a platform for future engineers.

The technical level of the vehicles has increased enormously over time, especially in Europe. Since 2006, the competition has also taken place at the Hockenheimring in Germany. In addition to racing cars with internal combustion engines, there are increasingly electric and autonomous driving vehicles.

Following the publication of the regulations, the first competition took place in 1980 in Michigan, USA. Since then, a lot has changed: Formula Student events have become international and there are now more than 300 FS teams worldwide.

Two things, however, have remained the same. On the one hand, the regulations are still published every year by the SAE and are binding for all teams worldwide. On the other hand, the best overall package still counts, not only the pure driving performance of the vehicle. The team that achieves the highest overall score wins an event.

What disciplines are there?

In the dynamic disciplines, the jurors evaluate the vehicle’s driving performance. The static disciplines are about presenting design and cost planning.

The Dynamic Disciplines



CV and EV



Acceleration from a standing position over a 75m long straight line.

75 points

75 points


Driving a timed lap of approx. 1 km with straights and curves. The placing in the Autocross decides the starting position in the Endurance.

100 points

100 points


Evaluation of the energy consumption in relation to the lap time of the Endurance or Trackdrive.

100 points

75 points


Covering of 22 km distance on a circuit under continuous load with a driver change after 11 kilometers. Since most points can be achieved here, Endurance is considered a “supreme discpline”.

325 points

Skid Pad

Traverse two standardized circular orbits to determine the maximum achievable lateral acceleration.

75 points

75 points


A self-driving circuit over of a 10 laps distance with a maximum lap length of 500m.

200 points

The static disciplines



CV and EV


Engineering Design 

Evaluation of design solutions by independent jurors.

150 points

300 points

Business Plan 

Presentation of the business plan to a fictitious investor, represented by jurors.

75 points

75 points

Cost and Manufacturing

Explanation of cost calculations, the production techniques and processes of the vehicle as part of the cost report.  

100 points


100 points

International Events

Students compete in the disciplines mentioned above in events every year. Here are some events linked that our team is participating in or has participated in.

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Formula Student Netherlands


Formula Student Italy

https://www.formula ata.it/

Formula Student East