Acceleration 0-100km/h: 2,1s
Power Output 4x32kW
Weight 190kg
Monocoque One-piece CFRP
Aerodynamics CFRP side box, front and rear wing
Motor 4 wheel hub motors
Top performance each engine: 32 kW
Gearbox 1 ½ stage planetary gear
Battery container Central battery container with 7.5 kWh
Cells Li-ion round cell configuration 138s6p
Maximum voltage 578V
Control unit ETAS
Driving dynamics control systems Torque vectoring, recuperation, traction control
Telemetry Life Telemetry via WLAN
Dashboard Self-developed dashboard
Wheelbase 1540mm
Track width Front 1150mm
Track width Rear 1128mm
Tires 10″ 7,5″ Hoosier Slicks
Rims 10″ Aluminium/CFRP Hybrid
A-Arm Double A-Arm
Dampers Pushrod actuated damper