Electric vehicle  PWe8.17
Acceleration 0-100km / h: approx. 2.2 sec
Battery container 7.5kWh and 579V maximum voltage
All-wheel drive 4x27kW
Control unit “ETAS ES910” real-time control device
Software Comprehensive driving dynamics software
Brakes  Pneumatically reset gas spring brake system
Steering system Compact steering system consisting of a DC motor and planetary gear
Camera Two stereo camera arrays for object recognition and depth determination


Acceleration and speed sensors Acceleration and speed sensors merged with an inertial navigation system (INS)
Graphics Processing NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier
Environment recognition Object recognition through deep learning algorithm
Mapping / Localization In-house developed C ++ stack – from image to steering movement. Mapping, clustering, stereo matching, triangulation, Delauney etc.
Toolchain Extensive toolchain: C ++, ROS, Python, Matlab, IPG Carmaker, Docker, Catia V5
Trajectory planning Trajectory planning using model-based reinforcement learning; the car learns the fastest pat