Welcome at munichmotorsport

We are the SAE Racing Team of the Munich University of Applied Sciences and students of various faculties and departments such as automotive engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, business administration, design etc.

Thanks to our sponsors, we already have an opportunity to develop ourselves professionally while studying at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Every year we design and manufacture racing cars from scratch.

We find innovative ways to make the body and aerodynamics lighter and improve the performance of the vehicle.

Of course, we face certain challenges. We work very hard to find solutions until we get a detailed understanding of certain topics and can find an optimal decision.


With racing cars that we design, construct and put on four wheels, we qualify for international Formula Student events. Our goal is not only to start successfully, but also to apply our theoretical knowledge in practice.

0-100 km/h

in 3,5 sec

We Need You!

On the job market former members of our team are highly demanded. Not only engineers and IT specialists, but also students who have worked at administrative and management subteams at munichmotorsport. Many of our alumni are currently working for world-known companies and corporations.

munichmotorsport is a unique opportunity to improve your career potential and to gain practical experience in various areas during your studies.

Would you like to join our team and participate at a unique international design competition?

Then you are very welcome to join us.